What My Clients Are Saying

I work hard to ensure that all the families I work with are completely happy. Sleep is such an important part of our lives. It is my mission to help others get the sleep they deserve. 

"Natalie helped me with my 2.5 year old! She was always a dream sleeper, but suddenly became terrified of everything, wouldn’t go to sleep, then once asleep was waking up constantly saying she was scared of everything you can imagine! Was going crazy bc her screaming was waking up my baby! Natalie helped me with a few scenarios and now she’s falling asleep on her own again and middle of the night wake-ups are rare! Thank you Natalie!"
Olivia M.
"One of the best resources that you can use if you’re having trouble with your little one not sleeping at night. Natalie is well vast in knowledge of getting your little one to sleep better at night and also you don’t realize what a good night’s sleep is until you get one. Thanks again."
Kevin W.
"Natalie is super knowledgeable and always gets back to me really quickly! I love having her as a resource when I can't get my babies to sleep."
Kim H.
"Natalie is such a sweet and caring person, she made this process so much easier and made a “first time mom” feel at ease. Being over tired and overwhelmed with the whole sleep process for my son, Natalie made it easy to understand and gave excellent advice and wonderful tips when we had a trouble night or two. Natalie kept me calm and reassured my husband and myself that we can do this. My son was a happy baby before but now he’s even happier with Natalie’s help and caring wellbeing. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their child’s sleepless night!"
Liz M.
"Natalie’s personalized plan and constant communication made our little one’s sleep journey so much easier. For months my husband and I kept hoping sleep would get better on it’s own but after countless sleepless nights and me holding our baby for every nap, only to have her sleep for 30 minutes, we knew we needed help. Natalie was willing to adjust the plan based on our wants and needs but still set us and our baby up for success. People keep asking us if it was worth it and the answer will always be absolutely, YES! We had tried different tips and tricks on our own, only to give up after a few days. We were frustrated it wasn’t working and feeling guilty for being frustrated because “all babies have sleep issues.” WRONG! Having Natalie walk us through every step of the way and support us made us confident in our adjustments and it was nearly impossible to not be consistent. Our little one is now taking 2 solid naps and sleeping 12 hours at night. Not only are my husband and I over the moon about having some time to ourselves again, our baby has never been happier! It’s only been a few weeks, and both sets of grandparents have been just as confident putting her down for naps and bedtime. We have learned that while it may be hard to take the first step, having a plan to follow and a strong support system makes it well worth it for everyone!"
Megan E.
"Our little girl had slept in bed with us from 0-9 months and nursed every 1-2 hours thought the night. She would only nap nursing in bed with me. With Natalie’s help she now sleeps 11 hours through the night and takes two long naps during the day. She is a different, much happier well-rested baby. Natalie was supportive every step of the way and we couldn’t be happier. We highly recommend her!"
Shea J.